Sinusitis is caused by viral respiratory infections, allergies as well as pollutants. The 4 pairs of sinuses in the face have membranes which get inflamed causing sinus headache, congestion, watery discharge, pressure, discomfort and fatigue. As the symptoms worsen, patients may also develop bad breath, fever or greenish/brownish nasal discharge. Let us find out the best natural remedies to relieve sinus pressure and congestion.


1. Salt water (neti pot)

This is one of the best natural remedies to get rid of sinus congestion, headache and pressure quickly. Fill up a neti pot with salty warm water. (If you do not have a neti pot, fill up a small glass with salty water). Snort the water with one nostril, keeping the other nostril closed. The water should run down your throat where you can spit it out. Repeat with other nostril. Do this 3-4 times a day. Chronic sinusitis sufferers can get rid of their condition permanently by doing this everyday during bath and once before bed time.


2. Sinus infection home remedy with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is the best natural cure for inflammation. Since sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal membrane, using ACV every day can help reduce the symptoms. Organic, unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar can get rid of nasal discharge and other cold symptoms within an hour. Drink a warm glass of ACV mixed with water (1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 8 oz of water).


3. Echinacea and other herbs

Drink the tincture or tea made using Echinacea to get rid of not just sinusitis but all kinds of infections. Echinacea supplements are easily available in the market. Take the recommended dose daily to boost immunity.
Oregon Grape and Goldenseal are some other herbs to always keep on hand to help you get rid of sinus infection within 24 hours. At the start of sinusitis symptoms, take 30-40 drops of Oregon root tincture 3 times a day. Likewise, take Goldenseal extract 10-30 drops 2-3 times a day.
Other herbs that fight sinus include ginger, garlic and elderberry. Add ginger and garlic to soups and broths. Drink elderberry tea 2-3 times a day.
Grapefruit seed extract also has antibiotic properties. You can take grapefruit seed extracts orally and also add it in the nostrils to keep them clear.
4. Lemon juice and horseradish
This is one of the best remedies for sinusitis as it helps clear airways and keeps the mucus diluted. According to Ayurveda, you can even squeeze the lemon juice directly into the nostrils to curb the bacteria. You can also eat lemon juice mixed with horseradish to boost immunity.

5. Black pepper

Black pepper is a great remedy to get rid of sinus infections within 24 hours. Finely grind black pepper and mix it with warm milk. Drink this remedy regularly to prevent recurrent sinusitis.


6. Honey

Eat a tablespoon of local raw organic honey to boost immunity and eliminate allergies which cause sinusitis infections. You can also mix fresh onion juice with a teaspoon of honey to clear sinuses and eliminate allergies.


7. Hot showers and steam inhalation

Hot showers twice a day are the best remedies for reducing sinus congestion, headache and pressure. Also try steam inhalation twice a day by covering your head over steaming water. You can add eucalyptus essential oil, chamomile, sage and calendula dried herbs or oils to make this sinusitis remedy even more potent.


8. Run a humidifier

In winters, always run a humidifier in the bedroom at night to prevent the air from drying up your sinuses even more.


9. Drink more water

People with sinusitis and other upper-respiratory tract infections must drink plenty of water-at least 8 to 10 cups a day. This will keep the mucus diluted and flush out allergens from the system. You can also drink fresh fruit juices (without added sugar), chicken broth, soups, stews and decaffeinated teas to get fluids in the body.


10. Diet

Include plenty of citrusy fruits like lemons, oranges, tangerines etc in the diet. Also eat mangos which prevent recurrent sinusitis attacks. Most fruits are packed with vitamin C and vitamin A which help boost the immune function. Avoid junk, deep fried or refined foods. Drink soups, broths and herbal teas as stated above. Limit intake of sugar, sodas and caffeine. Eat plenty of pungent foods like onions and garlic. Take a multi-vitamin and multi mineral supplement. Also take krill or fish oil tablets with omega 3 essential fatty acids.


11. Exercise

Daily exercise in fresh air for at least 30 minutes can help minimize the pressure and congestion and give relief from sinusitis headaches.


12. Avoid blowing your nose vigorously

Never blow the nose vigorously and also avoid blowing when both nostrils are closed. Instead, block only one nostril at a time then blow. Blowing with both nostrils closed actually pushes back the mucous further inside the nasal cavities.

Next time you feel sinusitis attack coming on; try these natural home remedies to get rid of it within 24 hours.

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