7 Psychological Secrets To Make Yourself More Attractive

Some people are so hard to resist because of their charisma and even if they don’t appear too attractive there is something about them that makes them irresistible. This trait is not something that you are born with, you can nurture it by yourself and learn how to perfect it. These are the 9 things you can do if you want to become more attractive as a person.

1.Cultivating self-awareness

Self-awareness means you have a lot of knowledge about yourself including all your weaknesses and strengths. You know where you are standing on and you respect and love yourself with all your flaws. You know what you want and you can express it clearly. If y ou are self-aware you will know how to improve your conversation skills, your posture and your smile. Your presence will leave a great first impression when people see you and it will be hard for them to forget how you made them feel.

2.Having big goals

Your goals are what keeps you moving on, and if you always strive to achieve something people will be attracted to the positivity you radiate. They will look at you as both a dreamer but also an achiever. Even if your dreams seem impossible, the act of working towards them will make people admire you more.

3.Having confidence

Confidence is not something you achieve; it is something you gain gradually. The more you work on your skills and knowledge the bigger your confidence will be. When you are confident and focused on yourself you don’t have time to be jealous of the achievements of other people. This does not mean you will never feel nervous or afraid, but rather you are strong enough to get through them and not let them overcome you.

4.Never complaining

If you complain you are telling the world how unhappy you are with yourself. This is a defense mechanism that people use when they are not doing anything else to improve their situation. Attractive people almost never complain. When they face challenges they see them as opportunities. If the things are not that simple to control, they will never waste time complaining, instead they will focus on other important and worthy things.

5.Using the right body gestures

People can create an impression for you without hearing a word from you. Your body movement tells a lot about your personality. Discomfort and lack of confidence are never attractive and a fidgety movement is a clear sign of such traits. If you greet people with a warm smile and eye connection, you are clearing the path to creating a strong bond whether it is personal or business related.

6.Being a great storyteller

You can easily attract people to you by sharing your experiences and stories in an interesting way. This can make people hooked on you and you don’t even have to be comical. Juts express your thoughts, stories and ideas in a captivating and clear way.

7.Focusing on one

Regardless if it is a person or a goal, it is very important to focus only on one thing. This includes avoiding looking at your phone while you are talking to someone else. It is actually very rude not to be focused on what the other person is saying and especially if it is because of unimportant things. You are a lot more attractive to someone if you give them your full attention.

These tips are not that hard to learn and practice. They are quite simple if you are willing to follow them, but they are also very helpful and can help you achieve a lot in life. They can even improve your relationships with other people and you will become a lot happier with the person you have become.

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