10 Different Sleeping Positions And The Health Problems They Can Help You With

People who suffer from neck or back pain or other aches often have problems falling asleep. Although difficult, falling asleep in these cases isn’t impossible. There are certain positions which will relieve the pain and help you fall asleep easier, helping you wake up full of energy in the morning. Some sleeping positions can regulate blood pressure and relieve sinus infections, while other can help you against back or neck pain.

Here are 10 sleeping positions that can help you relieve various health problems:

1. Acid reflux

People suffering from acid reflux often spend sleepless nights due to the burning sensation in their stomach. If this is your case, we suggest raising your upper body for a bit, with the stomach facing downwards and sleeping on your left side. This will allow better digestion and neutralize the acids in your stomach effectively.

2. Neck pain

The position you sleep in has a big impact on neck pain. If you’re suffering from this unpleasant and painful problem, sleeping on a comfortable ergonomic pillow is of vital importance. However, other things are important in this case as well. Sleeping on your back or on the side will relax your neck muscles and reduce the pain significantly. Doctors also recommend putting a folded towel under your neck for better support.

3. Back pain

Back pain can often make sleeping impossible, but there is a way to reduce the pain. If you’re suffering from back pain, put a pillow under your knees when sleeping on your back. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, put the pillow under your abdomen. If you’re sleeping on the side, put a pillow between your knees and bend them towards the chest.

4. Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a common problem that can lead to insomnia if left untreated. In order to reduce the pain, hug a pillow while sleeping on your back or put a small pillow under the painful shoulder.

5. Headaches

Headaches are often caused by improper sleeping positions due to the improper bending of the neck overnight. To reduce or prevent headaches, you should sleep on your back or on the side, surrounding your head with pillows that will prevent you from bending your neck.

6. Digestive problems

In cases of digestive problems, you should start sleeping on the left side. Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side of your body lets gravity boost the digestive process, resulting in better sleep.

7. Sinus problems

Sleeping in improper position when suffering from sinus problems can block your trachea and disrupt your sleep. In this case, lift your head up over the heart in order to reduce the amount of blood in your nose.

8. PMS

If you’re experiencing PMS pain, the fetal sleeping position can reduce the pressure on your abdominal muscles and treat the symptoms. Putting a pillow under your knees can also help.

9. High blood pressure

According to newest studies, the position you sleep in has a big impact on our blood pressure. If you’re suffering from hypertension, we suggest sleeping on the left side of your body.

10. Hip pain

Hip pain is really unpleasant and can seriously interfere with your sleep. In this case, it’s best to choose a sleeping position which doesn’t exert too much pressure on your hips and back. We suggest sleeping on your stomach, or sleeping on the side with a pillow between your knees. You can also try sleeping on the back with a pillow or folded blanket under the back.

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