16 Secret Things all Men Love About Women!

Men and women have been told for eons that they’re very, very different from one another. Social media is always telling men and women they’re different. Adults tell us the same thing all our lives. So it’s always been a case of us versus them hasn’t it? But the truth is, we’re not all that different.  Men and women are the same more than we realize; people of both genders have the same stance on so many things that the list goes on and on. Literally! Lets destroy gender stereotypes and talk about some things men love to do just as much as women.

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1. Cooking:

While the food industry is dominated by male chefs, there’s a very popular opinion all around us that men can’t and do not cook in their day-to-day lives. Does that come as a surprise to you? well, you’re not the only one but actually, countless men really do cook and treat it is as a hobby and they’re very enthusiastic about cooking for themselves if ever they happen to be living on their own.

2. Cleaning:

Men LOVE to clean. It’s such a big myth that men don’t know to how to clean the house but we’re going to bust that a myth right here, right now. A lot of men never compromise on keeping their house and their workplace clean and so they’re just as good as anyone at it.

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3. Cuddling:

Men love to cuddle. Most women are generally under the impression that men are always on the lookout for jumping to third base. Sorry to pop your bubble, but men love to cuddle, snuggle up to their significant other, spend time hugging, kissing, holding hands, nibbling on her ear, spoon her and everything in between. It’s a beautiful feeling to cuddle up to your partner and women aren’t the only ones who enjoy it.

4. Candle-lit Dinners:

Good food, a gorgeous place and a romantic date under the glow of scented candles are something that men cherish and appreciate as much as women.

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5. Dressing up:

Looking dapper is something majority of men are obsessed with. They feel great about suiting up and being appreciated for it. Men have closets dedicated to their favorite clothes, shoes and what not. So no, women aren’t the only ones who like to dress up.

6. Kids:

Are we ready to bust the myth that men aren’t great with kids? Yes we are. Men don’t just adore the company of kids they’re also very, very good at being amazingly fun adults around them. Kids love spending time with their uncles, obviously. They’re fun and easygoing, not to mention very protective of children.

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7. Desserts:

Everyone knows girls love sweet stuff. But women aren’t alone in their love for desserts. Desserts make men weak too; Ice cream, chocolate, maple syrup, cakes, marshmallows,  you name it and men are totally down to have it.

8. Grooming:

Who said salons are for women only? Their trips to the salon may not be as frequent as women’s’ but men make rounds to the parlors often enough for us to know they love pampering themselves. It’s not just for haircuts and shaves that they visit the salons, they actually avail everything from manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and everything else there is to be offered.

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9. Emotional movies:

How often has your boyfriend your brother or male friend watched emotional movies? Just as often enough as you, right? That’s because men thoroughly enjoy gooey, sappy, cliche movies like women do. Movies like The Note just being famous amongst females.

10. Luxurious Toiletries:

Men LOVE fancy care products. Not only women, but men too, love spending on luxurious toiletries like bath bombs, shower gels, shaving creams, and so on. Most men are all in for a long bathing session after a rough day at work, where they can just sip wine and enjoy some music. Men are also conscious about their hygiene so they usually go all the way taking extra interest when it comes to care products, and they almost never go wrong in their choices.


Okay this one might come as a real surprise to most of you but trust us, men crave and love and want attention more than we realize. Men are naturally needy so they try to attract a woman’s attention whichever they can. They’ll try to act all macho and pretend they don’t need all the loving’ but in real, they really love being pampered. Men generally fail to be vocal about it, but their love for attention can always be recognized in their actions.

12. Staying Home:

Men love to spend time staying in on weekends as much as they can. It’s widely believed that men hit the club with their friends literally every single time they get a chance, but men do love staying home as much as they can. They spend their nights lazing around, having movie marathons.

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