The First Thing You See Shows The Hidden Flaws Of Your Personality That Are Holding You Back In Life

It takes a long time to get to know and understand yourself. There are so many factors that affect your personality and make you the way you are.

 There also are some aspects of your personality which are hidden so that you cannot always tell what is it that keeps you from achieving all your goals. But, once you are able to recognize them you will be given a chance to work on them and make your life much better.

You need to know what you should be focusing on if you want to become better than you already are.

The image below will help you reveal some of those hidden aspects that hold you back.

What was the very first thing you saw?

Below you have the answers that will give you some clues on what you should focus if you want to improve your personality.

1.    If the first thing you saw was the tree:

You can see the tree in the center of the image even though it is very subtle. If this is the first thing you saw then you are one of those people who always search for the meaning of life. You rely on logic and therefore you always choose your brain over your heart. This can be useful when it comes to your career. Your decision making also relies on logic, but this kind of life might make you cold and your emotions will become secondary. You will only start focusing on tangible things and you will be distracted from the things you actually wanted in first place.

Also, you will want to avoid risks and that will hold you back in life.

You have to be spontaneous from time to time if you want new and interesting things to come your way.

Your leadership skills are so good that you can guide even yourself through anything. Failures should not afraid you so much and you need to exit your comfort zone.

2.    If the first thing you saw was the gorilla:

The masculine energy is represented by the gorilla which is on the left side of the picture. If the first thing you saw was the gorilla then you probably have been harsh on yourself and you are facing with low self-esteem. You put a lot of pressure on yourself when you do not achieve what you have set in your mind. You definitely put other people’s needs before yours and you never take some time off to be with yourself. Progress comes naturally to you because you always crave for some new knowledge. Your mind is so advanced that you are able to see things that others cannot. This trait can be helpful if you choose to build your self-esteem. If you work on your insecurities you can always improve your self-esteem, but you should be careful and not let your ego become so big that it will be an obstacle in your life.

3.     If the first thing you saw was the lion:

The feminine energy is symbolized by the lion which is on the right side of the picture. You are wild kind of soul that refuses to be tamed. If the first thing you saw was the lion then you are an impulsive person who follows their instinct. Because you cannot be caged, sometimes your claws can strike involuntarily and you will end up hurting someone you did not want to hurt. You are a very ambitious person who always finishes all its tasks. You are a good person once people get to know you, but you refuse to follow the crowd and you always do whatever you want to do. This can cause you to make mistakes, but you still refuse to follow other people’s instructions. If from time to time you choose to get help from others it can be very beneficial and you should tame your ego.

4.    If the first thing you saw was the fish:

The fish is just below the tree and it represents the duality of life that is contradicting. If the first thing you saw was the fish it means you hide your true self from those in your life. People see the very opposite of what you actually are. You are afraid that if you show your true self, people won’t be able to understand you. This can only mean that you are not living your life to the fullest. You know that if you want to receive love and respect from others you will have to treat them in such way as well. But, any deeper connection than that is out of the question for you. You believe that other people are not able to function the way you do and that is why you do not reveal your true self. Once you try and show your true self to the ones you love, you will see that you are not as unique as you think and you will be able to connect with those around you. Opening up to people will only get you closer to them and not push them away from you.


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