Simple & Efficient Colon Cleanse Remedy Made With Only 2 Ingredients!

Ever wondered what might really be the cause behind your diabetes, inflammation, arthritis or even kidney problems? Perhaps you have excess weight or liver disease and you’ve simply been told there is nothing you can do about it except stay on the conventional treatment plan.

Fortunately, that is not true. A simple 2 ingredient home remedy could change all of that. This remedy focuses on your gut, specifically your intestinal tract. Many health conditions can be cured or prevented by eliminating the mucus, fecal deposits, and parasites from inside the intestines.

How Happy are Your Intestines?
Over your lifespan your intestines process over 100 tons of food and over 40 thousand liters of fluid, some of which can end up accumulating in your gut due to poor bowel movements. This has lead to some studies showing that at any one time you might have over 30 pounds of fecal matter and toxins in your intestinal tract.

This toxic waste can cause inflammation and is the root cause of all of the aforementioned health problems. This toxic waste, if left in the gut, will slowly contaminate your blood causing large amounts of damage to the body. This simple home remedy (see below) can help remove this waste from your system.

The following conditions and symptoms are all signs of an unhappy gut and an intestinal tract riddled with toxins; inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract and GI tract, gastritis, colitis, stomach and duodenum ulcer, cystitis and other disease of the urinary tract including infections and pyelonephritis, carrying excess body weight, being under weight, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, nail and hair health, kidney disease, hearing and vision problems, to arthritis, cancer.

Spring Clean Your Intestines Naturally
Many people who are aware of how important it is to remove this toxic waste know that the easiest way is via the colon, and so will resort to using enemas or a clyster, but unfortunately these only work on cleansing out a small part of the colon – just a mere 40-50 cm’s of intestine that are a full 7 meters in length! Not to mention that these special enema cleansing kits are often expensive, are invasive and can disturb the balance of your precious microflora. A proper cleanse is a very effective way of helping your body naturally pass and removed such waste from your intestinal tract.

This is what makes this simple remedy so great and easy to do; it requires you consume only 1-3 tablespoons of organic flaxseed flour for three weeks. Making it something everyone can do easily, effortlessly, and economically.

All of the various health conditions related to poor digestion and poor gut health can be improved by using this remedy. This remedy may not immediately improve every condition, but removing the waste from your body will allow your body to properly function and help improve each condition in due time. This cleanse lasts for 3 weeks and by the end of this cleanse your intestinal tract should be significantly healthier.

How to Make the Colon Cleansing Remedy
This cleanse lasts for 3 weeks and requires only 2 ingredients! All you need is flaxseed flour and kefir! Below is the mixture requirements for each week of this cleanse.

Week 1: Mix 1 tablespoon of flaxseed flour with 100ml of kefir
Week 2: Increase to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed flour and 100ml of kefir
Week 3: Increase to 3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour mixed with 150ml of kefir
This simple and gentle recipe can help to completely heal your gut from all the mucus and fecal deposits, and parasites that have built up over the years.

By using this colon cleansing remedy you will also be helping to preserve your microflora.

If you cannot find flaxseed flour at your local health store, then buy fresh whole flaxseeds and grind them finely in a blender. It is advisable to do this daily to ensure they are not rancid by the time you get around to using them.

How to Use
The best time to do this cleanse is every morning for 3 weeks. Before consuming the mixture it is best to drink a full glass, 8 ounces, of water. Water in the morning can aid digestion and will help the mixture properly flow through your intestinal tract. You can also use lemon water, as lemon water has other cleansing benefits, as your drink in the morning.

After drinking your glass of water and at least 30 minutes before you eat breakfast, consume the colon cleanse mixture. It is important to not eat immediately after you consume this mixture to allow for the mixture to effectively pass through your stomach and into your intestinal tract.

Do this every single day for 3 weeks and make sure to drink at least one glass, 8 ounces, of water a day while doing it.

This is not something that you want to be doing regularly, but to ensure proper digestive health and gut health you can safely do this cleanse one or two times per year. If you do cleanse multiple times a year, make sure that there is sufficient time, between four and six months, between each cleanse.

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