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Here Is How To Detox Your Body Through Your Feet


People who want to detox their bodies are reading the right article. We offer you a Chinese medicine foot detox method that is a great way to get rid of all the toxins in your body. Actually, it involves several similar methods.

Chinese say that there are many energy points in our feet that are linked to the organs in our body. So, stimulating these points helps you treat every problem you have with your organs.

Methods of Detoxification

1. Ionic Foot Bath

This is the first method which uses the process of electrolysis. You are able to remove the damaging toxins with the help of the electrical current which is causing an internal chemical reaction.

The reaction provokes the elimination of toxins in the body. These baths need water and salt, and all you need to do is place your feet inside and keep them in until you see the water turning dark.

2. Salt Detox Bath

This is the second method, and here is what you need:

  • Apple cider vinegar – one cup
  • Sea salt – one cup
  • Baking soda – two cups
  •  Epsom salt – one cup
  • Two or three drops of some essential oil

How to prepare the bath?

Boil one bowl of water. Add sea salt and Epsom salt and stir. Then, use hot water to fill your tub and pour the mixture inside. In the end, add the apple cider vinegar. Your bath is now ready to soak your feet and keep them there for 30 minutes. The toxins will disappear in a natural way.

3. Clay Detox Bath

This is the third method, and here is what you need:

  • Epsom salt – half a cup
  • Bentonite clay – half a cup
  • Three or four drops of some essential oil

How to prepare your bath?

Boil one pot of water. Add Epsom salt and let it melt. Then, you should add the bentonite clay as well as the essential oil. Keep your feet in this bath for half an hour, and you will get rid of the toxins. Also, your levels of magnesium will be boosted too.

4. Oxygen Detox Bath

This is the fourth method, and here is what you need:

  • Two cups of hydrogen peroxide
  • A tablespoon of powdered ginger

How to prepare your bath?

Use hot water to fill your tub. Then, add the ingredients in the tub. Take 30 minutes to soak yourself inside the bath. This way you will be able to fight allergies and skin irritations, as well as eliminate toxins.

5. Foot Detox Pads

This is the fourth method which includes foot detox pads. These can be purchased in health stores. All you have to do is put the pads on your soles before sleep. In the morning, the pads will be black due to the removal of toxins. Do this several times to get best results.

Finally, you can see that there are numerous easy to do ways if you want to remove toxins from your body. Isn’t it great that you can purify your body through your feet? Try these as soon as possible, and you will see the results!

These recipes are traditional Grandmother’s-Remedies that have been used for hundreds of years. Although there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, our Grandmothers swear by it.

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