Most of us have a list of questions that we are too embarrassed to ask our ob-gyn. Some of us even believe it’s probably not right to ask certain questions to the doctor. That’s what friends are for! But sometimes the info you’ve heard from your best bud is really not the right answer. So, here are a few of your vaginal doubts explained by the experts.

1. Can You Tell How Many Sexual Partners I’ve Had?

Nobody, including gynecologists, can tell how many sexual partners you’ve been with. The vagina is a mighty and elastic organ. During sex, it stretches to accommodate a penis but it always returns back to its original state after sex. However, the vagina does loosen up a bit after vaginal birth but it’s hardly noticeable. Sometimes you would realize it by inserting your regular choice of tampon. This doesn’t mean it’s going to drop down easily. It just means the tampon wouldn’t fit as snug as it was before. That’s what Kegel exercises are for!

2. How Do I Stop Acne In My Pubic Area?

Gynecologists say it’s not really acne that’s disturbing you down there. But the bumps are a result of using a razor. Stop using your razor for a while to rule out an infection or a rash. If you really want to get rid of the hair, waxing is a better choice. Or keep it simple and just go au naturel.

3. Why Does My Discharge Have A Smell Sometimes?

A mild smell from your white discharge is normal. In fact, this is a sign of a healthy vagina. The discharge is a result of hormonal changes that normally happens during your cycle. But if the smell is strong, almost fishy, or it has a cottage cheese texture, it’s a good idea to get it checked. This could be a yeast infection or even a sexually transmitted disease.

4. Does Eating Certain Foods Affect How It Smells Down There?

This is a little tricky. While there’s no research to back it up, pungent foods like asparagus and garlic can cause a slight change in how the vaginal area smells. Eating red meat, in particular, can affect your vaginal sweat. This is because red meat is high in alkaline which can influence your vagina’s normal pH level. But you shouldn’t let this stop you from eating your favorite meals! A vaginal smell is completely normal.

5. Is It Normal To Feel Like Peeing During Sex?

The urge to pee during sex is very common. And there are multiple reasons why it could be happening. During sex, when a penis is penetrating the vagina, it also puts pressure on your bladder as well. If you think you’ve peed (usually occurs after pregnancy), you probably need to strengthen those pelvic muscles. Another reason could be you’re reading the signs wrong and it’s actually not an urge to pee. But it could be female ejaculation during an orgasm. In fact, one research also suggests that some women expel fluid that’s sort of similar to men’s ejaculation.

6. Is There A Way To Stop Queefing?

Queefing nicknamed “vaginal fart” is a very normal body function and it shouldn’t worry you at all. It’s just trapped air that forms during sex. But it doesn’t harm or mean anything at all. It could happen during exercise as well. Is there a way to stop it? Not really. Some women insert a tampon to block the air from getting in. But it’s really not required and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Just laugh about it and continue doing your thing!

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