13 Genius Ways To Reduce Hunger Without Food

1. Hungry? Exercise

Exercising is an essential activity to reduce weight, but exercising while you are hungry can suppress your hunger as well. You tend you have a lesser desire to eat because it reduces the response in the food-reward regions. Exercising reduces your ghrelin levels (which is your hunger hormone) and increases levels of the peptide hormone that works to suppress hunger. It might sound like a crazy idea, but cardio and weight training can suppress hunger without food.

2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep

Lack of quality sleep can make you hungry sooner and make you eat more food, which can increase your appetite due to the paucity of sleep. On the contrary getting quality sleep for 7-8 hours can have an inverse reaction on your appetite and reduce it by a drastic amount. So, getting a good night’s rest can help shed the excess weight as well.

3. Discard all the foods that tempt you

This is the toughest method to abide by, but discarding all the high-fat and high-sugar foods that tempt you to break your regime will help keep a strong mind and avoid chances of a relapse. The main cause of a relapse is the presence of unhealthy food in front of you and replacing the unhealthy food with healthy food will help the process.

4. Drink Water

It might seem passé, but it is an effective method to lose that extra weight. Drinking a certain amount of water before your meal can satisfy your hunger to a certain extent and make you eat less. Another alternative you can try is drinking a glass of smoothie before eating.

5. Brush your teeth and tongue

Brushing has been a part of our daily routine for the longest time, but an added feature of brushing is that it can suppress hunger. Brushing your teeth and tongue can suppress hunger because the mint flavor of the toothpaste discourages people from eating. You will not eat chocolate after brushing your teeth because of the poor taste that serves the purpose.

6. Keep your house warm

The heat can be torturous, but people end up eating lesser in warm conditions. So, keeping your house warm will reduce your appetite. In addition, heat also increases thirst, which leads you to drink water and you can also consume a healthy drink that would save you from dehydration.

7. Get to work

Sitting idle will aggravate your hunger and make you binge on anything you can lay your hands on. And on the other hand, working or completing your assignments will release cortisol in your body that suppresses the need to eat food and focus on your work. This shows that staying busy kills your hunger. So, don’t sit idle while you are hungry do household chores or anything that diverts or rather distracts your mind.

8. Try Aroma or Oil Therapy

This is another diversion from giving in to the hunger and the temptation to eat unhealthy food. Smelling aromas, like grapefruit oil, can suppress your hunger and reduce your appetite, which needs to be done for a limited amount of time in a week. Peppermint and lavender scent also serve the purpose.

9. Serve your meal on blue plates

Your crockery can help reduce the amount of food you are eating and also reduce your appetite. Well, obviously using a smaller plate can reduce the amount of food that you intake, but fascinatingly the color of your plate and bowl can also reduce your appetite. Yellow, orange, red increases your appetite, but blue crockery can reduce your appetite due to a psychological impact on your mind.

10.  Walk for 15 mins

Well, in addition to working out, walking can also help in reducing the tendency to eat. Taking a 15-minute walk or walking 8000 steps every day can help reduce sugar cravings that would save you from the temptation.

11. Reduce your alcohol intake

Alcohol does not help reduce weight since it has high calories and increases your appetite. Drinking alcohol can increase your appetite since they activate the neurons, which increase appetite, slow metabolism, and lower energy levels in the hypothalamus of the brain. This is the reward and motivation center of the brain, which triggers the body to satisfy its need for food.

12. Chew Gum

Chewing gum might be the most trivial things that you could do to reduce weight. People who chew gum on a regular basis intake 68 percent lesser calories than people who do not. Chewing gum also has the brushing implications where the flavor of the gum dominates your taste buds, reducing your appetite.

13. Take apple cider vinegar or green tea

Using apple cider vinegar might be overhyped, but it makes people feel less hungry in some cases. Similarly, green tea has been overhyped as well about its therapeutic and medicinal abilities. One such ability we did not know about was reducing your appetite. It reduces ghrelin levels, which does not make you feel hungry and helps with weight loss. Anyhow, drinking an excessive amount of either apple cider vinegar or green tea can cause negative side-effects.


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