10 Habits of People Who Never Gain Weight

We all know that guy or girl who never seems to gain weight, and it can honestly be frustrating at times. So what is it that they do that we don’t? Here are 10 habits of people who always stay their healthy weight.

1. They’re Skeptical About “Moderation”

The issue with eating food in “moderation” is that moderation means something different to each person. This was the topic of a 2016 joint study by Georgia & Duke University that found that dieting tips suggesting moderation are “unlikely to be effective messages for helping people maintain or lose weight.” Don’t let “moderation” become your excuse.

2. They Understand Good vs. Bad Weight

People who exercise can sometimes be alarmed to find they’re gaining weight. But not all weight gain is bad. It’s a myth that muscle weighs more than fat. In reality, the reason for the weight gain is that muscle is denser, meaning you can pack more of it in.

3. They Get in Enough Exercise Per Week

You probably know exercise speeds up your metabolism and burns calories, but do you know how much of it you need? To benefit from the effects of exercise, it’s advised by physiologists to do, at a minimum, three 20-minute slots of aerobic exercise per week. If one wants to lose weight, increasing these slots to 30 or so minutes is advised.

4. They Have No Illusions About the Finish Line

Trying to look exactly like someone else is chasing the horizon. It’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Don’t be fooled by Instagram photoshops. Find out your healthy weight (you can do that here or here) and aim for that. That’s all you need to do. Enjoy your progress. Love yourself.

5. They Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast reboots your metabolism. Studies also suggest that breakfast eaters tend to have healthier habits in general—this is partially due to the fact that skipping breakfast can lead to overeating. While breakfast may not be as critical as some say, eating a high-protein breakfast will help keep hunger at bay and encourage healthier habits.

6. They Have a Healthy Relationship With the Scales

The scales show you’ve gained weight. This is either because you slipped up (that’s part of the journey, don’t give up!) or it’s because your weight naturally fluctuates daily. Lose the expectation that a successful weight loss journey includes a set of scales that constantly congratulate. Don’t be discouraged by blips along the way and only weigh yourself once per week to avoid fallouts.

7. They Ditch the Bad Drinks

Liquid intake has a large and underappreciated role in weight gain. Substituting healthier drinks for sugary ones will go a long way. Water is, without a doubt, the best drink you can have, as study after study shows.

8. They’re Aware of Their Triggers

Impulses affect all of us. Studies suggest food intake can increase disproportionately in the evening while we’re relaxing. Being aware of potential triggers that lead to poor habits (such as late-evening relaxation) is vital in maintaining your healthy weight.

9. They Go to Bed at a Consistent Time

Exercise and diet aren’t solely responsible for maintaining or losing weight. Good sleep is important in reducing stress, keeping your metabolism high, and maintaining overall health. By contrast, poor sleep is linked to stress and weight gain. A quick word on bedtime: avoid overstimulation before it and be disciplined enough to go to bed once it comes.

10. They’re Aware of Other Factors

A handful of people will struggle to maintain their healthy weight despite having seemingly tried everything. They may be hindered by other factors such as under-active thyroids, fluid retention, or even aging. Speak to a professional if nothing seems to be working and stop pushing yourself too hard until you have some clear guidance.

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