Who Will You Blame In This Twist Of Love?

Timothy and Veronica grew up together, they went to school together and were very good friends. As they grew older Tim realized that he was romantically in love with Veronica and assumed that Veronica knew how he felt, but he never told her.

He did everything, a man could possibly for his lover, for Veronica. He was always the first to call her on her birthday and bought her numerous amazing gifts on her birthdays, Valentine’s day, on every occasion that gifts are exchanged and even when gifts are not traditionally exchanged.

He took her out on dates; they went to the movies, games together and with friends. They were always paired together by their friends. She was the first person he talks to about things that were bothering him and decisions that he wants to take. They were closer than some married couples usually are! Yet they’re not on the same level of language of love when it comes to expressing their deepest heart’s desire.

For instance, Veronica was in love with Timothy as well, but she is the kind that believes that a man has to make the first move to initiate a relationship. She was secretly praying for Timothy to say the word but Tim never said anything, because he assumed they were already dating.

Veronica’s clock was gradually ticking off and she wanted to get married but she was turning down all the men that were coming because she was waiting for Timothy to say the word. She hoped he’ll make the move and proposed to her. After all, it is a man’s responsibility tom propose!

When she was twenty nine, she was sent abroad by the company she works for a six months training. Whilst there she was still in touch with Tim, exchanging gifts with him, communicating with him daily. She was still expecting him to say the word but he never did.

Then she met another man Gabe at a mall, she liked him a lot but she was not in love with him.

He asked her out for a date. A month after their first date he popped the question that Veronica has been waiting for Tim to asked for some time “Will you marry me?”

Veronica was surprised but she asked him to give sometime to think. She was confused because here is Timothy, whom she loves and has known all her life but he has never told her that he loves her or told her that he wanted more than friendship from her.

And, here is Gabe that she likes very much and has known for only a short time is asking her for marriage.

“What should she do?”

She asked herself, she has to get married and she can no longer wait for Tim because she does not know how he feels about her. So she said yes to Gabe and they got married after two months.

When Tim heard about the marriage, he was very angry and he called her all sorts of names. But, she told him that he never told her how he felt. Never proposed to her! She told him pointblank that she couldn’t wait for him forever to do the right thing.

Now….what is the moral of this story?

The moral is…..

If you love a woman let her know immediately…

Act fast! You need to know how to crack the girl code. Otherwise you’ll miss out on potential marriage partner like Timothy did.

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