Do not struggle with diets, instead put this in your water and drink it every day

Luckily for you blueberries, in addition to being a scare in the thought of getting on the new clothes you just bought, are one of those foods that go with just about anything. Whatever you are in the mood for.


Benefits of blueberries


  1. They are good for the heart: Blueberries fight the risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Get the benefits and enjoy a zero Belly-approved smoothie to jumpstart your day. Use your favorite combination of fresh or frozen fruit that includes blueberries, add unsweetened almond milk, and some spinach if you’re feeling uber healthy.
  1. They blast belly fat: Trade in that tire around your middle for a thinner model–by eating blueberries. For a sweet treat at the end of the night, nibble on frozen blueberries. The cold transforms the berried into a sorbet-like texture that will quell your craving for that


  1. They boost your brainpower: Blueberries not only help increase your physical health, but also up your mental acuity.


  1. They keep your blood from boiling: Another awesome perk from consuming the little blue fruit is lowered blood pressure


  1. They banish the 3 p.m. slump: Blueberries, with their low-sugar/high-fiber content, are a great midday snack that can keep your energy humming through even the longest workday.


  1. They stop snacking: If sugar is your enemy in the battle of the bulge, fiber is your key ally, and the blueberry your weapon of choice. Another benefit of blueberries’ mega-fiber is managing your hunger levels with ease.
  1. Digestive commodity: Blueberries have insoluble fiber, which assists the digestive process by moving food through the intestines. A faster elimination process helps you avoid constipation. Your weight-loss program also will benefit from regular waste elimination. In addition, blueberries contain tannins, which function as a natural astringent within the digestive system. The tannins reduce digestive tract inflammation, which in turn reduces the possibility of diarrhea.


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