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7 Things Most Women Want In A Man Before Dating!


What do women REALLY want?

That question is as old as the word “dating” itself. Men are asking themselves what exactly do women want. Ironically, women are asking the same question of men. However, in this post, I will talk about what women want and leave what men want for another post. You're going to learn about simple traits that will make every woman crave for you!

The truth is that women want and expect different things from different people at different times of their lives. Of course, I understand that this answer might sounds vague to you, but I want you to know that there are some consistent fundamental things that most women want when looking for a man.

Thus, in this post, I am going to share with you 7 things most women want in a man before dating, hopefully this will help you adjust accordingly and find true love. You’ll probably find many of these things to be similar to what you, too, want or look out for in a woman.

7 Key Things That Women Want:

1. Women want a decent man they can fall in love with someday. Hardly will you come across any decent woman that will go out of her way looking for a worthless man to hang out with, unless she falls into that category herself!

what-women-want2. Women want a man who is hard-working. With a man who works hard, women know they will always be taken care of. A man who works long hours and can finish a project is viewed as industrious and reliable. Subconsciously women see hard-working men as stable and most of the time seek such men to date.

3. They a man that’s kind and generous. A kind man doesn’t need to be weak and wimpy. Kindness is treating anyone or anything that is weaker than you with respect and care, like children, elderly people, animals, and the disabled.

4. A man who is chivalrous. It sounds old-fashioned, but a woman will melt over a chivalrous gesture. Hold the door and let her walk through it first, pull out her chair before sitting down in a restaurant, hold her jacket or give her your own if she’s chilly.

5. A good mannered man. Just the basics here, but it’s important to follow what you were taught as a child, and if you weren’t taught good manners read about them and teach yourself now. Don’t chew with your mouth open, don’t talk with your mouth full of food, keep your elbows off the table. Get the basics of mannerisms befit of a gentleman!

6. A modest man with a sense of social and personal responsibility. Don’t brag about your wealth, achievement, community, charity and social involvements, it will have a negative effect. The lady will see your work as respectable and caring if she uncovers it on her own.

7. Lastly, a woman wants a guy who can commit. To majority of women this is the most important thing they want in a man. They want a man that is dedicated, value their relationship and is willing and ready to commit to the future.

This is also demonstrated through the ability to commit to a time and be punctual and show up when and where he’s supposed to be.

So if you want to date a woman that is decent, lovely and intelligent, you'll better start exhibiting some or all of these traits!

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