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24 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old


1.Not learning another language

Try to use your time wisely in order to avoid wasting it instead of learning another language.

2.Being scared to do things

Get out of your comfort zone and do things that excite you.

3.Not traveling when you had the chance

It is hard to travel when you start a family and when you get a job. You will regret not using the chances to travel when you were free.

4.Staying in a bad relationship

Not leaving a bad relationship sooner is something everyone regrets.

5.Letting yourself be defined by gender roles

This is very sad, so don’t do it and always do your best.

6.Missing the chance to see your favorite band or musician live

Don’t miss the chance to go to the concert of your favorite band if you have the chance.

7.Not quitting a terrible job

Having a job is very important because you earn money to pay the bills. However, don’t allow yourself to be stuck at a job that makes you feel miserable. Try to find one that will make you feel happy.

8.Not realizing how beautiful you are

People often spend most of their youth being unhappy and when they grow old they realize it was the best period of their lives and the period when they looked the best.

9.Not trying harder in school

Even though grades don’t determine your entire life, you might regret not trying harder when you could.

10.Forgetting sunscreen

You can avoid skin issues such as wrinkles, moles and even skin cancer by using sunscreen.

11.Not listening to your parent’s advice

You might think they know nothing when you are young, but you will realize they were right about everything when you grow old.

12.Being afraid to say I love you

Even if that person might not return your love, at least say it to avoid regretting that you didn’t even use the chance.

13.Caring too much about what other people think

People will always talk and they will have their opinion regardless of what you do or say. So, in 20 years none of it will actually matter.

14.Supporting other people’s dreams more than yours

Try to put yourself first before you waste your time on others.

15.Not moving on fast enough

Picking yourself off the ground for too long is a waste of time.

16.Not standing up for yourself

Older people don’t care about anyone and they will never tolerate bullsh*t.

17.Holding grudges especially with people you love

Anger will only hold you back.

18.Talking with your grandparents before they die

Spend time with your grandparents if you still can because when they are gone you will realize how awesome they were.

19.Working too much

Work is important, but try to spend more time with your family and friends too.

20.Not learning how to cook an awesome meal

Show your loved ones that you can also cook like a pro.

21.Failing to finish what you started

If you had a dream that you started and you did not finish, you might end up regretting it later on.

22.Refusing to let friendships run their course

People sometimes go in different directions and if you hold on to a person for too long you might be very sad.

23.Never taking a big risk especially with love

At least trying something no matter how risky it is might make you feel better about yourself when you are old.

24.Not spending enough time with your loved ones

We have a limited time on Earth, so spend more of it with the people you love.

Is there something else you would like to add to this list?

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