Affirmations: Secrets To Stay On Course With Your Goals!


If you want to stay on course with your (financial) goals, you should form the habits of using affirmations in every area of your life that you want to grow and succeed in!

What is affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement you say to yourself repeatedly until they become part of your daily thoughts. Affirmations are spoken in present tense first person.

For instance, an affirmation for a business person, could be this:
“I am creating value and making a difference with my business”

success-affirmationsDo you know that the thoughts you think, the words you say are all affirmations? Yes they are! All of your inner dialogues or self-talks are streams of affirmations.

You are continually affirming unknowingly with your thoughts and words and these flows of affirmations are creating your life experiences every moment.

Just imagine when you consciously choose streams of thought that your mind feeds on, the results will be what you desire and it’ll be awesome compare to if it’s otherwise. There are numerous affirmations you can use to channel the course of what you want in any area of your life.

This has been the secrets of great achievers and professional athletes as well as sports men and women. They feed their minds with the words that supports their goals. Now, it is your turn to use the same technique to transform your life.

Affirmations are the root of your beliefs. You have acquired lots of beliefs through different patterns that you have developed throughout your childhood to where you are today. When you examine your beliefs objectively you’ll discover that they may have worked for you, but in other situations that might be dis-empowering to you instead of been empowering.

Beliefs do not necessarily represent the reality of truths. They are often dysfunctional and even sabotaging you from achieving your goals. With the use of affirmations, you can override the effects of dis-empowering beliefs that are not working for you. This is because every affirmation you think and say reflects your beliefs and inner truth.

Using Affirmations Keeps You on Track

When people hear the words “positive affirmation for success”, the first thing that usually comes to their mind is creating wealth. There is more to it than that, it is more than an attitude, it is a strength coming from within. It is a feeling.
Using positive affirmations aimed for success tends to be the habit within you. Everyone wants to have and live a successful life, and the secret to this is to build self confidence in them. Your life may throw you curved balls at times, by ways of trials, hardships, and struggles, but positive affirmations will help you stay on course and even flourish.

Will affirmations help you?

You’re probably asking now?


Regardless of what aspects of life you are dealing with, no matter who you really are, affirmations don’t only help you to feel better towards your life and yourself. But if you use them correctly, they can absolutely manifest changes in your life.

As a matter of fact, affirmations help change your thinking, reprogram your mind, and removing negative old beliefs that might sabotage you all through your life. Such positive affirmations can definitely helps you to stay on the right path – the path that can lead you to the life that you have always wished for.

grateful-heartIf you’re skeptical at point about effective use of affirmations, I can understand. Most of us find it difficult to accept as true and working things that cannot be physically proven for a fact.

But that belief doesn’t invalidate the truth about those things, it we that need to change our mindset and beliefs. You don’t need to know how electricity works before you can use it.

What I am telling you here is that positive affirmations could galvanize you to greater achievements in life faster than you could ever imagined. Many are testifying to its effectiveness, why won’t you?

I have heard so much about affirmations in the past but didn’t grasp the deeper meanings and usage until I read Riches Within Your Reach!” and The Attractor Factor These books gave me practical and proven workings of positive affirmations in life and business of many individuals, even in the past generations! I found that amazing. And when I begin to apply these to my own life and business, and I can testify to its effectiveness. With time, I was able to overcome the emotions of fear, doubt and worries that have often stifled my progress.

You don’t necessarily have to pick up affirmations created by other people, but you can use those as inspiration or starting point to come up with your own that is unique and personal to you. This will make it more believable to you and thereby more effective. You just need to express what you want in your life, business or relationship in a simple present tense, using 1st person pronoun and repeat the statement as often as possible until you feel the message permeating your soul.

Here are some examples for you:

“Every day in every way, I am getting richer (healthier) and richer (healthier)”,

“I am bless in my relationship”

“Business comes to me with ease, everyday”

“I meet the right man (woman) for my life”

“I prosper in all my ways”

“Thank you God for all the blessings I have and for all the blessings I am receiving”

Finally, I want you to know that with positive affirmations, change of mindset and right thinking, you’ll be able to create the right conditions and circumstances that will support your transformation in any aspect of your life you direct your efforts at.

Your Practical Action Steps:

  1. Set your financial (or any other) goals;
  2. Create a plan of actions to follow;
  3. Create or source for positive affirmation to  support your actions
  4. Repeat your affirmations several times daily, believing and acting accordingly.

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